Is there ever a place for diet pills, such as Alli (which I think is actually FDA-approved), or do they pose too many health risks to considering using?


I think I'll take your

I think I'll take your suggestion. I was not aware of what happens if you eat fatty foods, and I'm not hugely obese so I can stick with regular methods.

Diet pills like Alli, which

Diet pills like Alli, which contain the active ingredient orlistat, can be effective for those who are particularly obese and need to lose weight quickly for health reasons.

Personally, I'm not a fan of chemically produced fat loss aids as they usually inhibit the absorption of a food type, in this case fat. Fat is essential to how the body operates and there are many fat soluble vitamins that you won't be able to absorb.

Part of the way orlistat works is aversion therapy, if you eat fatty foods, you will end up with uncomfortable loose stool and run the risk of it being out of your control. You then asscociate that with the fatty foods and avoid them.

I would recommend trying something like an acai berry supplement if you are looking for that extra bit of help. Acai berries themselves have very mixed reviews about how effective they can be but the minimum you get are extra vitamins and anti-oxidants. Also, they don't come with any negative side affects.