Best Ab Exercises Post Pregnancy

After I had my baby, I was afraid to do much ab work at first (I had a c-section), but now it's been over a year and I really need to start. Should I just do crunches or are there more effective exercises?


I'm familiar with the plank

I'm familiar with the plank from when I used to do yoga. I don't know why I didn't think of it because it definitely works the core. Thank you!

To start with

To start with, I would recommend building up some stability in the abs and the best way to do this is the plank.

To perform the plank, you will be suspending your body from the ground using your forearms and either knees (easiest) or feet (hardest). Place forearms on floor while looking directly at the ground and raise your body into the air, creating a straight line through your neck, spine and legs. Depending on core strength, either keep your knees on the ground or if this is too easy (can hold for more than 2 minutes) then go from your toes.