Best exercises Postpartum

What are the best exercises for a postpartum mom to do in order to get back in shape after having her baby? I would like to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight as quickly as possible after the delivery.


To get back into shape after

To get back into shape after pregnancy it is a case of following the same rules you would have before hand, healthy diet and exercise. To try and make life easier it is possible to combine some motherhood activities with exercise as they don't have to be seperate, for instance taking the baby for a long walk and pushing a pram/carrying a child is a great workout.

One exercise that is usually beneficial after giving birth is the pelvic thrust:

Start by lying down on a mat and raising your legs to 90 degrees (pointing to the ceiling). Now with your arms at your side raise your pelvis up while trying to keep your legs perfectly vertical (still pointing to the ceiling).

This will help the pelvic floor get back into pre pregnancy condition.