Body Types

I know that different people have different body types, but is it possible to have a body type that will never look toned and shapely? I used to run cross-country and always seemed to have a bit of "pudge" around my middle - even when I was running marathons! Can I ever lose it?


It is possible for people to

It is possible for people to achieve the body type they want, it does come down to knowledge, commitment and effort.

For the knowledge part, long slow duration exercise like marathon running is not the best way to achieve a toned body, have a look at pictures of 100m sprinters and marathon runners to see the difference in tone and muscle definition. I would suggest increasing use of weight/resistance training and looking at higher intensity interval training as opposed to long, slow duration running.

Commitment levels don't need to be the same for everyone, some people are very lucky and can get away with training occasionally. The rest of us need to watch what we eat and continue to train almost constantly to achieve anything.

Finally we come to effort. If you're not putting everything you can into each training session and just go through the motions, results will always be hard to come by.