Building up to proper pull ups

Hi everyone at iBodz. I'd like to ask about how to start training towards a proper pull up. I can only do one or two of these before they start to get very difficult. I know some people who can do 20 reps without trouble, and I'd like to train to that level. Are there easier versions to start off with so that I can build up to the proper ones?


Thank you both for your

Thank you both for your replies. Lee, as I don't generally have access to gym equipment, I think focusing on negative reps sounds right for me.

Mike, the more support with this one, the better! I shall avidly follow your blog and let's see if we can't achieve this goal together. Thanks so much.

Great stuff

We will definitely achieve this! They have long been my Nemesis, so will be great to share the pleasure [of achievement] and the pain [of getting there] together :D

Mastering the Pull Up

Lee will be working with me in the gym over the coming months to help me achieve the goal of mastering pull ups / chin ups. At the moment I can only hit 5/6 without assistance. Feel free to follow my blog over the coming months and we will work together to give you hints, tips and inspiration to hit that goal!

Pull ups and chins are

Pull ups and chins are controlled by your lats (big muscles in the back/side) and biceps. So training these will help build towards your body weight exercises. A lat pull down machine follows the action closely and is an easy way to progress.

Alternatively, if you do not have access to gym machines, you can do 'negative' reps. In a negative rep, your focus is on controlling the decsent of your pull up. Jump into the pull up, getting as high as you can and then lower yourself as slowly as possible to the start. Rinse and repeat for as many as you can.