Bulking Up

What is the best way to increase one's weight, but without putting on fat? My friend is really skinny and he wants to bulk up, but he doesn't seem to put on any fat or muscle at all, regardless of how much he eats. Would regular weight training/muscle building correct that for him, or does he have an unusual metabolism?


Great, thanks. I think you're

Great, thanks. I think you're right about him being a hard gainer. So, what is the normally recommended amount of resistance sessions then, if it's 3 for people like him?

The majority of advanced

The majority of advanced trainers I know train 5 times a week and hit a different body part or split routine each session. However, as everyone is different, the only way to asssess whether your body can handle this amount of training is to try it and see how both results and injuries are affected.
Depending on experience, I would try 4 sessions first before going straight to 5. If you train the entire body in a session then I would recommend no more than 3 and at least 1 days rest in between each.

Without a good resistance

Without a good resistance training plan it would be impossible to put on any muscle mass. To gain muscle, he has to train regularly over a long period of time. He could be a typical hard gainer (someone who finds it hard to gain weight) and so the recommended amount of resistance sessions would be 3, no more, no less. However, if he has't actually tried training yet this may not be the case and he may find it easier. Food is also important, if you don't take in enough calories, you won't get bigger, expecting food to add muscle alone though is unrealistic. He will also need to ensure he takes on board enough protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Finally, he needs to rest to let the muscle heal once he has started training. 8 hours a night good sleep.