Changing my taste in food?

I realise this may sound childish, but I grew up a fairly picky eater and I've only now begun to really monitor my diet. I'm fine with cutting out the bad stuff and I'm getting better at increasing my level of physical activity, but getting in more fruit and veg seems to be a real chore for me.

I find most fruit to be too sweet for my tastes, apples in particular give off this weird flowery flavour when I bite into them. The texture of fruit also squicks me a fair bit, it just feels so...strange.

Most vegetables I'm alright with, except for onions which I can't bear to eat raw.

D'you have any advice on modifying my tastes so I'll actually enjoy these new flavours?


If you have a problem with

If you have a problem with the texture of fruit you should try drinking smoothies made with different fruits. My problem isn't with fruit or veg, its with offal! Some people love liver and onions but I couldn't eat liver if my life depended on it!

I'm fine with most

I'm fine with most vegetables, but fruit...I know it sounds childish, but for example there's the weird stringy texture in some oranges that makes it so hard to eat without doing it messily. Fruits like apples are good, but 'squishy' fruits like strawberries, tomatoes...basically, if it's going to squirt on me it'll probably make me feel at least a little ookish.


Fruits and veggies are the

Fruits and veggies are the easiest for me, as odd as it seems with my crazed scheduled I can pick up a fruit tin and devourer it for a nice lunch during a busy day. What are you eating now that you have issues with?