Diet Soda

Is diet soda really that bad? I've read that people who drink soda are more likely to eat sweets, but I don't know if it's true.


A couple of oranges used to

A couple of oranges used to do the trick, anything thats sweet and juicy has the best chance of working. As they're healthy, you don't need to limit yourself to one piece to satisfy a craving.

One more thing that I've tried (with success) is to have a glass of water when ever I feel the need for sugary goods. Dehydration can often lead to similar feelings and these are easily confused.

Did the fruit satisfy you at

Did the fruit satisfy you at first? I've tried fruit as a substitute and it's ok but usually I'm still left wanting more.

I love the cheat meal idea.

I have a sweet tooth and

I have a sweet tooth and struggled to control it when I first started my health and fitness push. One of the best substitutes I've found for these sugary items are fruits. Oranges, watermelon, anything that has quite a sweet taste has just taken the edge off cravings for me in the past. As the sugar in fruit is unrefined and whole, your body can process it more effectively which is why we don't put on weight from fruit.

My other favourite method of coping with cutting out certain foods and drinks is the cheat meal. Each weekend, I'll have one meal that follows none of the rules of healthy eating. This meal will be whatever takes my fancy through the week. Looking forward to it, again, just takes the edge off a hard day of eating cleanly.

Thanks, Lee. I guess what

Thanks, Lee. I guess what you're saying is really no huge surprise. Diet soda is one of my vices that I'll have to work on.

The real problem with diet

The real problem with diet soft drinks are the sweeteners they use instead of sugar. The majority of them have very strong links to serious health side affects. They also lack any useful nutrients and are full of empty calories.

I don't know of any correlation between eating sweets and these drinks but the more sweets things you eat and drink, the more you will crave it.

My advice is to avoid these drinks where possible (both diet and normal versions) and have them as an occasional treat.