Eliptical Machines

What is up with the crave of Eliptical Machines? I can understand to a point of how they work and somethings (like low impact for people like me with bad ankles) but what else? What are they good for and how well do they really do?


I am trying to eat healthily

I am trying to eat healthily with things such as wholegrain cereals and breads, dairy which is either low fat or enriched with Omega 3, and lean meats like turkey and chicken. But the problem I have is that I don't really like fruits and vegetables. I have tried one or two from time to time but I just can't get into them. Can you give me any advice as to what I can do to either try and incorporate fruit and veg a bit more so that my body can get used to them or maybe help try and and accomodate other ways to keep my body healthy without very many.I do fully understand how important it is to have fruit and veg in your diet, but I've just never been able to like them. Any help would be appreciated.

Effective when used properly

These machines can be a great workout, although PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use them properly, having worked in gyms for many years I have seen so many people using them incorrectly - depending on which type of machine you use they can be a waste of time!!

The machines incorporating upper body movement as well as lower body are much more effective in my opinion, for the pure fact that you cant lean on the machine, with the machines that use lower body only, i see so many people leaning on the machine, taking off a large percentage of their bodyweight and therefor making the exercise a lot easier, which might sound great but will obviously mean the time taken to achieve your goals will be a lot longer and nobody wants that.

If you arent out of breath using the machine, step up the pace or move onto another machine.

It's a great cardiovascular

It's a great cardiovascular workout! Talk about making you sweat, the elliptical can do it! I love working out on one for the aerobic side of my workout.

That sounds like it would be

That sounds like it would be perfect for me. I think I will try one out at the local gym (which I have a one day free pass for) before I decide to buy. The treadmill I bought makes a great place to hang shirts LOL. But I have started using it lately since the weather has been bad in my area.

I congratulate you on your

I congratulate you on your choice. This is my favorite too and it really works (if you believe the calorie counter on the unit, this is one of the easiest ways to lose wieght and increase your fitness level).

I am getting one of these for

I am getting one of these for Christmas and the reason I chose it was because it's low impact. I can't wait to start using it and I hope the pounds will start falling off after I do!

I constantly use elliptical

I constantly use elliptical trainers during my cardiovascular workout. They are supposed to be a whole body workout. As you have stated, they are low impact and that doesn't prevent you from burning as much calories as you would using the treadmill without putting too much stress on your knees. Some models have separated parts for the upper and lower body, and these models are better if you want to put the emphasis also on your upper extremity (in the combined models, generally the lower extremity does all the work and the upper extremity just moves with the momentum).