Fit ball woes

 Hi there,

I have several exercises using the fit ball included in my IBODZ muscle building program.  I am having real difficulty in perfecting my fit ball technique and I suspect that my core just isn't up to it at the moment.

Do you have any tips that may help?  Or are there alternative exercises that I could use to develop my core strength in order to work up to the fit ball exercises?

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Me Too!


My chiropractors office taught me how to do that! I really like doing that instead of full situps. It doesn't matter which I do they both seem to do the same thing! I do use the fit ball now though to help with my stability program. My balance is terrible.

If you can lie down on the

If you can lie down on the bed and just tighten the muscles of your abdomen without sitting up, it's a good start. I have done this for some time because I have a bad back. It really helped me to strengthen my core and helped me use the fit ball.

I love working out on my

I love working out on my fitball. I didn't know I had so much trouble with my core when I started working out. But now, my balance has improved and I no longer feel "wobbly".

Practice, practice and more practice

Hi Ian

It certainly will take a while to get the hang of using a fitball, certain exercises are going to be harder than others. Unless you feel you are in danger of injuring yourself then please continue with the exercise, doesnt matter if you feel wobbly, this is the main purpose of the fitball - to challenge your core stability and your proprioception (balance).

If you feel that an exercise really is too much for you then try balancing the ball against a wall until you get the hang of it, but only do this at the beginning see it as a starting point not a solution to the wobbles!