Good Running Shoes

I'm thinking of taking up jogging, but all my shoes are old and none are good running shoes anyway. Can you recommend a shoe to me?


Well I was surprised to see

Well I was surprised to see you recommended the vibram 5 fingers but it actually does make sense. I run better barefoot and that shoe promotes the same feeling while protecting your feet from hazards.

My view on running shoes

My view on running shoes greatly differs from the norm as the most recent studies confirm that modern running shoes do more harm than good. The reason for this is they promote unnatural running methods and patterns. I would always recommend the vibram 5 fingers for either short or long distance running. They take a bit of getting used to due to the increased awareness of whats under your feet but will help with balance, lower back stability and leg health. This because they take the body back to its natural way of movement while offering enough protection to be used outdoors.

If you did decide to go for a more conventional shoe have yorself fitted in a good sport running store. Also keep in mind that, above £40, the quality of shoe does not improve.