Improving hand and wrist strength

Hi, I have a question for the experts. I've always been fit and I play a lot of different sports, including working out at the gym, but I've always had weak hands and wrists. Are there any particular sports or exercises that I can do that would help me improve my strength in these areas?


Thanks very much, Lee! I'm

Thanks very much, Lee! I'm going to try these exercises out. I think they are going to help a lot. How much time should I wait in between each set?

60-90 seconds. If you want to

60-90 seconds. If you want to make it a bit more challenging, perform the reverse wrist curls and follow them immediately with the standard wrist curls, then have your rest period. Do this 3 times then finish off with 3 sets of rotations. To make it harder again, perform all 3 exercises, one after the other, with no rest until the third is complete. Have the 60-90 seconds rest and repeat twice more.

Great, I'll do that, thanks

Great, I'll do that, thanks again. I think I'll stick to the easiest routine for now as it is proving to be enough of a challenge, then take on the more challenging ones a bit later on.

There are a number of

There are a number of exercises that can be done to improve hand and wrist strength. When considering what to do, we need to look at the 3 actions your forearms carry out; pulling your hand up, pulling your hands down and rotating. Knowing these, we select exercises that mimic these actions and give us overall strength and endurance increases.

First exercise is the reverse wrist curl. This can be done by having your hands either hanging in front of your body, or resting your forearms on a bench/medicine ball. Simply grasp a light barbell/broom handle in both hands (about shoulder width apart) and raise your hands from the wrist, bringing your knuckles into the air. If done on the bench/ball, then your forearms should not leave the bench/ball. If done with arms hanging in front then your arms should not swing, only your hand should move from thw wrist.

Second exercise is the standard wrist curl. This is the opposite action of the reverse wrist curl. Again, this can be performed in two ways, either with your arms hanging behind the body, or resting on a bench/ball. This time we we'll bring the fingers towards the bottom of the forearm, bending only at the wrist.

Third and final exercise is the forearm rotation. This will be done with two seperate dumbells of the same weight. With your forearms resting on a bench/ball and hands hanging slightly over the edge, clasp a dumbell in each hand and rotate both clockwise and anti-clockwise, as far as is comfortable. Once more, your forearms should not leave the bench.

Perform each exercise for 3 sets with a weight that makes 20 reps a struggle.