Interval Training

Why do people do interval training, like walking and then running in short bursts? Is it simply a method of gradually building up to the more intense activity?


Yes, it sounds like it'd be

Yes, it sounds like it'd be very effective, especially when you hit a plateau. I think I may start incorporating interval training into my workouts.

Interval training, if done

Interval training, if done properly, should be a more intense version of standard long, slow duration activities (jogging, x-trainer etc at a constant pace). The reason for this is, in the harder part of your intervals in particular, you should be achieving a more intense speed/resistance than you can maintain in a long, slow method. Achieving this more intense level will raise your heart rate and boost your metabolism. I'm a big fan of interval training and employ it in all of my personal cardio routines. I tend to go for 60-120 seconds of intense exercise (punch bag, fast skipping) followed by 10-30 seconds rest, repeated 8 - 10 times before a 2 minute rest, then start again.

If you are used to long, slow duration training, intervals would be a great way of shocking your body and pushing on to another level.