Iron Deficiency

I have been told by my primary care doctor that I have an iron deficiency. I know that women do this a lot but I thought I was doing so well with my healthy eating that I didn't expect this news. Is there some way I can increase my iron intake other than with pills? I would rather go the dietary route rather than take pills.


I am trying to eat healthily

I am trying to eat healthily with things such as wholegrain cereals and breads, dairy which is either low fat or enriched with Omega 3, and lean meats like turkey and chicken. But the problem I have is that I don't really like fruits and vegetables.
I have tried one or two from time to time but I just can't get into them. Can you give me any advice as to what I can do to either try and incorporate fruit and veg a bit more so that my body can get used to them or maybe help try and and accommodate other ways to keep my body healthy without very many.I do fully understand how important it is to have fruit and veg in your diet, but I've just never been able to like them. Any help would be appreciated.

I use a mix of dark greens

I use a mix of dark greens when I make my salads. I never stick to just traditional lettuce anymore. Broccoli is one of the biggies in my salads as is baby spinach and broccolini. I also use every veggie I can get my hands on in salads so I eat a large variety every day.

Spinach, kale, and collards

Spinach, kale, and collards all have a good bit of iron in them. I eat a lot of broccoli too. I have struggled with iron deficiency since I was a teenager but I really hate the pills so I eat LOTS of green stuff.

Thanks guys. The animal

Thanks guys. The animal blood and the liver don't sound like anything I would want to try. But the dark green, leafy veggies sound yum! I never thought of growing my own, healthnut. I may have to try that this summer.

There are some culture who

There are some culture who drink fresh animal blood because it is very rich in iron. I know you can't do that but I'm just saying.

Spinach is very rich in iron and you can take this if you are vegetarian. Animal meat is also rich in iron.

Isn't liver supposed to be

Isn't liver supposed to be rich in iron? My mum suffered from this and she used to eat a lot of liver to cure it, much to my disgust as I hate offal.

The best source of iron is

The best source of iron is dark, green, leafy vegetables. I have a salad with mixed greens every day with dinner. I am also growing 3 different kinds of lettuce and spinach in my garden. I can't wait to be able to go out and pick the stuff I want in my salad!