Jogging - bad for my knees!

I've just generated my first program, which includes 17 minutes of jogging. Unfortunately I have a problem with my knee at the moment and have been told by an orthopaedic consultant and physio to avoid all high impact exercise for a minimum of several months, in particular running as they say it's really hard on your knees. Can you advise what I could do instead for this part of my program? Thanks!


Cycling would be fine. I

Cycling would be fine. I think it's a nice way to get an aerobic workout without putting stress upon the joints. It gets pretty routine though if you watch TV or something of the sort while you are doing it, the time passes quicker.

Exercises in water would be

Exercises in water would be the best solution for you. Swimming is a low impact exercise for your knees and it is a full body workout. If you don't have access to a pool the second choices would be bike or the elliptic trainer on lower settings (if you increase the resistance of the elliptic trainer, it may put some strain on your knees, so I wouldn't recommend it).

That would make sense. I

That would make sense. I occasionally have trouble with my knees and my doctor suggested water aerobics and resistance moves in the pool. It really gives you quite a workout and it is much easier on the joints.

Instead of jogging, you can

Instead of jogging, you can do walking as your daily practice. Walking is a great low-impact exercise. When I was still a student, I used to jog half an hour a day, but now I change it with walking an hour a day.

Cycling is a good alternative

Hi Jo

If you have been told to avoid high impact then running is probably not ideal, if you have access to an exercise bike or rowing machine, these are both worthy replacements for jogging.

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