Motivational Tools

What are some ways you motivate yourself to continue to eat right and exercise? I struggle with this issue sometimes and am looking for tips from those have done this for a long time.


Another great idea mentioned

Another great idea mentioned by a member of the site, on a seperate blog, was to keep a journal of both food and training. I love this idea as having everything in black and white holds people accountable for what they have (or haven't) done and will help to identify successes and failures.

Thanks for the link to your

Thanks for the link to your blog post. Like those who commented, I particularly liked the old photo idea and the mini goal idea would be good for me too. I will try those.

I experienced my biggest

I experienced my biggest motivational problems a few months ago and wrote a blog on the issue and how I dealt with it.
There were a few hints and ideas contributed from others in the comments below as well.
Have a read of the blog, if that doesn't give a suitable solution for yourself then do reply and we'll look to see if there is something else to try.