With a diagnosis of osteoarthritis, how would you modify a workout plan? The affected joints are knees and shoulders, and they are starting to limit my activity.


This is a condition that has

This is a condition that has to be treated by someone who can physically assess the joints. Two options that you do have would be to see the GP again and insist on at least being pointed in the direction of someone who can help or searching for a chiropractor or physiotherapist who can help.

Unfortunately my doctor has

Unfortunately my doctor has told me to take pain meds and just get on with life. The NHS is not very sympathetic to this condition to say the least.

How would I go about increasing synovial fluid?

I'd replace weighted movement

I'd replace weighted movement with body weight exercises that focus on mobility and increasing the synovial fluid in the joints.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to give specifics without being able to assess the joints in person to understand just how severe or limited the joints have become. Whoever has diagnosed the osteoarthritis should be able to point in the right direction of someone able to do this fully.