Pain and Exercise

It seems that a lot of people have mixed opinions. When it comes to the pain of exercising, is there any guaranteed way of avoiding it?


I am firmly in the camp of

I am firmly in the camp of the right type of pain is a must. It let's you know you've pushed your body to it's limit and achieved all you can through a session. As a general rule of thumb, dull aches mean the muscle is recovering, this is what we want. Sharp, stabbing like pains mean something is wrong and you should stop what you're doing and seek advice. I would also consider seking advice if you get a persistent pain for more than a week.

To train without ever feeling any type of pain means staying well within your comfort zones and this will limit potential for change.

As for treating pain caused by training, nothing other than ice should ever be needed. Apply for 15 minutes, every hour to the affected area.