Protein Supplements and Weight Loss

If I do protein supplementation and I'm already overweight (trying to diet), wouldn't that make me gain weight? I am really working hard to lose the weight but it just isn't coming off as fast as it should.


When I did the Atkins diet

When I did the Atkins diet years ago, I used to take protein supplements and it's the protein without the carbohydrates that burns the fat. It's a lot healthier to just eat plenty of protein rich food though, along with good carbs like fruit and veg.

I could be wrong on this, but

I could be wrong on this, but as far as I know, protein won't make you gain very much weight. Protein's what your body needs to make hair cells, skin cells, muscle tissue, etc. Unless you're doing a LOT of muscle work-in which case the protein supplements might cause your muscles to develop a little quicker-then you shouldn't gain any noticeable amount of weight.

I might be wrong, though.