Saggy arms

I don't like my flabby arms every time I raise them overhead. They look more like bat wings and I could not even get the chance to wear my favorite sleeveless outfit. What can I do to decrease their sagginess?


Getting rid of bingo wings

Hi wendi

Good news and bad news I'm afraid, it can be done fairly easily, but the route to success probably wont be news to you.

The best way to get rid of your 'bat wings' as you call them, would be to cut down on the fats and sugars in your diet and then increase your activity levels, ideally a minimum of 30 mins of activity three times a week.

In terms of toning those areas, you should be focusing on the Triceps and doing some exercises such as Tricep pushdowns or Overhead tricep extensions. Doing these kind of exercises will tone the muscles but will not directly reduce the fat you have on top of the muscles (which is causing the 'sagginess'), this will come from the changes to your diet.

Good luck