Son is having problems playing basketball - out of breath

My son has been working out a lot and he thought he was ready for basketball but he is having a hard time running up and down the court. What kind of exercises can he do to build his stamina so he is not so tired out?


Unfortunately, there is no

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix and it will involve a fair amount of running.

Initially start off with slow pace runs, either around the court or around the local area just to build up some basic stamina and cardio. When slow running feels comfortable, introduce sprints into the runs, for instance, after 2 minutes slow pace, 10-30 seconds fast. The final step will be increasing his ability to sprint over and over and this will come down to doing exactly that, sprinting over and over. A sport like basketball is based on many short sprints, so finish the training off by sprinting the length of the courst, resting for 10-30 seconds and doing the same again.