Speed exercises?

I was thinking if anybody could tell me about some exercises that build fast twitch muscles or generally just increase your speed.


Knowing you're looking to

Knowing you're looking to increase punch speed specifically does make it a bit easier to advise. Have you tried training 'under water'. Not completely under of course, head above, but the resistance given by the water when throwing punches/kicks will contribute towards a speed increase. Finding somewhere to do this could be a problem. Wrist weights are another alternative when throwing punches, ankles weights for kicks and easier than finding a pool to use in such a way.

If you train in a gym with a smith machine, you can do a plyometric bench press, onl do this on a smith machine. Set the clips so there is no chance the bar will make contact with your body if you miss it then move in as if you were going to perform a normal bench press. Instead of slowly pushing the bar up, select a lighter weight and explode forward sending the ar into the air, out of your hands, and catch it on the way down, lowering just above chest height.

Yup I was already aware of

Yup I was already aware of clap push ups, have been doing them for quite some time now, but was wondering if there are any exercises that I have not heard of which will improve my punching speed :).

Exercises that hit the fast

Exercises that hit the fast twitch fibres are not necessarily going to improve speed as the fast twitch fibres are also responsible for size. To hit the fast twitch fibres, any exercise that exhausts you within a minute will hit these. Heavy weight lifting being a great example (heavy being relative to you, not anyone else).

For speed, try plyometric exercises like jump squats, clap press ups, anything that forces a sudden burst of explosive energy.