Time scale for losing posy baby weight.

Can someone tell me what is a good time scale for losing post baby weight of 14 pounds? I see the celebrity mums back to skinny after a few weeks but it's been 6 months so far and I have only just lost 6 pounds.


The problem with celebrity

The problem with celebrity culture is it gives a very unrealistic idea of what is possible within everyday life. Having the luxury of millions of pounds in the bank presents a number of opportunities, weight loss and training included, that most of us will never have.
Be pleased that you've nearly removed 50% of your target. As a timescale, it can take twice as long to lose something as it did to gain it. If it was over 9 months gaining weight, some people could take upto 18 to lose it all. This all depends on many different variables such as commitment, available time, available money and genetics.