Trouble with shin splints.

I can walk at a decent pace, but when I try to push faster, I often have trouble with shin splints. I've tried various stretching exercises and nothing seems to help. Is there something that I can do so that I can run without this pain?


Firstly, footwear is

Firstly, footwear is eseential. Seek the best advice you can afford, whether it be a podiatrist or a trained member of staff in a dedicated running shop. This could be a significant factor.
Warm up. Never jump straight into your top speed, always start slowly and build up.
Stretch. Continue to do the stretches you've been doing, ensuring you hit both the front and rear of the lower leg.
Ice. If you do get pain, put ice on the affected area as quickly as possible to start it healing.

If these steps still don't work then do consult a health care professional who can look at and evaluate the affected area.