Weightloss and Fertility

In the past I have noticed that if I lose a reasonable amount of weight over a number of weeks, my period may be late, early, or not come at all. Why does this happen?


I really struggle to find the

I really struggle to find the balance. Slightly more calories (my intake is around 1500 on sedentary days, 1800 on gym days) and I don't lose anything.

Same with exercising-less and I stall. It's led to me giving up completely on a number of occasions, which I am close to doing again. Thank you for your answer Lee.

Being healthy is not the easy

Being healthy is not the easy choice anymore and it takes time and commitment, not just to see results but to find out what works. As far as the diet is concerned, 1500 calories is very low and you would have to be sure that everything you eat is a healthy choice or else your body will struggle. You could supplement your diet with a multi vitamin to try and give the body that extra little bit of help.

As with most of the poulation, it would appear you expect results faster than your body is willing to produce them and don't know how to properly assess them. Scales are, at best, an average way of tracking progress and they are given far too much attention thanks to various TV shows. Better choices would be tape measurements of waist, hips and arms or before and after photos taken every 6-8 weeks.

The only way to safely make sustainable weight loss is over a long period of time with long term healthy choices. You may not see the scales drop every week, but if your making healthy choices with food and exercise, the scales shouldn't matter.

Thank you Lee. My OB was the

Thank you Lee. My OB was the one who suggested my current diet plan for me, should I be that concerned? The goal was to rapidly lose ready for trying for a baby, and as I have PCOS it tends to be hard to lose. But as I say my cycle is getting all messed up and I don't know where I am any more.

I've an appointment at the end of the month, I'll bring up my concerns.

As they know your personal

As they know your personal circumstances in a lot more depth I'd imagine they have gone down this route for a reason, however, with the interruption to your monthly cycle it is certainly worth dicussing in more depth.

You're losing the maximum

You're losing the maximum recommended safe amount of weight. If this is being done through large amounts of exercise I would consider slightly lowering these. If it's being done from dieting I would increase your healthy calories.

I imagine that you are simply denying the body the amount of quality nutrients it needs to effectively run all of its processes. A slower, sustained approach to weight loss should help with your bodies regulation.

2-3lb in the first week and a

2-3lb in the first week and a sustained 2lb a week after for about 5-6 weeks is all it takes to make things go funky. The extra in the first week isn't intentional by the way-it just always seems to drop faster in the first week.

The question I would have to

The question I would have to ask first is what do you class as reasonable weight and over how many weeks?