What time of the day is the best time to do exercise?

I ask this because I have had conflicting information on this topic. Some people say that the best time is early in the morning before breakfast, others find that exercise is best done in the evening, after work. As for me, I prefer during the daytime, or sometimes in the evening, but I was wondering if there is actually a best time to do exercise, based on our biological daily cycles, or does it vary based on the individual?


You've given me something to

You've given me something to think about, Lee. It's true that it's easier to find excuses not to train during the day and evening than first thing in the morning. My most common excuse in the evening is that I'm too tired, but that can't really happen in the morning - not unless I've stayed up all night, which I don't do anyway. I'm beginning to train more and more in the morning after breakfast, as I too find it leaves me free to do other things for the rest of the day.

Personally, I enjoy training

Personally, I enjoy training first thing in the morning. A quick protein shake and some oats before hand and I'm good to go. This then gives me the rest of the day to get in the food I need to recover. This also gives an endorphin boost for the day ahead, a raised metabolism and ensures that you can't find excuses through the day to skip training. From reading his 'Encyclopedia of Modern Body Building' I can confirm this was also the preferred training time of Mr Schwarzenegger.

Having said that, training in the afternoon, evening or night is infinitely better than not training at all, so not being able to train in the morning should never be an excuse not to train.