Workout Intensity While Pregnant

How intensely can I work out while pregnant? I'm in my second trimester and so far have just been walking a little; I'd like to do something to work out a little harder but am afraid of overdoing it.


Well I'll have to skip the

Well I'll have to skip the weight training since I haven't done that recently. I guess I'll start with walking and look into a yoga class. Thanks.

If you haven't exercised a

If you haven't exercised a lot in the past, then a slow intro to training is recommended. Around 30 minutes moderate exercise a day can be beneficial for both mother and baby, however, this needs to be checked with your GP or midwife (as they know your personal circumstances).

Low impact activities are best, consider:
-pilates/yoga (soft versions)
-light weight training (if you have done this for a number of months before).