Home exercise equipment

If like many, you prefer to avoid the gym and exercise at home then you dont need to spend thousands of pounds on home exercise equipment. There is fitness equipment to suit all budgets.

We have compiled a guide to the more common pieces of fitness equipment found in homes around the country. We have also provided links to buy the equipment from a reputable retailer.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are without a doubt the most versatile, budget friendly piece of home fitness equipment, they are also the easiest to hide in a cupboard when not in use. When buying resistance bands it is reccommended that you buy more than one strength, most manufactures offer three or four different strengths ranging from light to heavy.

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Dumbells come in many shapes, sizes and obviously weights. you can buy adjustable dumbells that are more compact and easier to store, these tend to be a little more expensive though. There are also many small sets of dumbells available in various weight ranges, alternatively they can be bought individually.

Our personal favourites are the adjustable dumbells, although at the higher end of the price range they do offer the greatest range of weight in the smallest package.

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Cardio machines

If you have the space and budget for a more complete solution then we reccomend cardio machines, such as a treadmill, rower or cycle, the three most benefical in our opinion. These machines can obviously vary in price depending on their features and durability, a piece of commercial grade equipment can cost thousands but they are built to withstand repetitive use on a daily basis, unless your whole household intend to train for a few hours a day each, this is not necessary for a home gym.

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When kitting out your home gym, don't overlook some of the essentials:

Vibration equipment

Currently, the most trendy piece of fitness equipment. Essentially they are a vibrating plate which activates muscle contractions much quicker than traditional training methods, The result is that you work against a far greater influence or “load” of gravity in every movement you perform.

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