Oliver West

I've had an interest in exercise and sport from an early age.  Starting my career aged 2, kicking a ball around the park with my grandad, I soon moved on to playing football a 'little' more seriously through my youth, to enjoying roller hockey for 4 years during my teens.

As well as being a keen runner and gym-goer, I now prefer more adventurous sports that carry an element of danger, such as snowboarding, power kiting, bungee jumping (I recently jumped the highest in the world - off a 214 meter bridge in South Africa) along with many other activities that could result in hospitalisation!

I began to take exercise more seriously in 2004 when I trained and qualified as a Personal trainer, since then I have trained clients of all ages, sizes, abilities and goals, which has given me a very broad range of knowledge of health, fitness and weight loss.

In addition to my personal training qualification at the highest level, I also have certification in Nutrition for Health & Fitness, I'm a qualified Lifeguard (minus the red Speedos), Bosu trainer and First aider.

I set up iBodz back in 2005 to help people like YOU and all my clients achieve their goals. Together with Mike Longden, we hope iBodz will give you the resources you need to get where you want to be.

We welcome suggestions of anything you would like to see on the site, so feel free to contact us with any comments.


Oliver West