Food diary

Without a doubt, the best way to lose weight or build muscle mass is to adjust your eating habits. First take a look at what you eat on a regular basis. To do this we recommend filling in a food diary for a few days. Ideally record your habits for a couple weekdays and also a weekend day.

People are often surprised at what they actually consume regularly.

Our quick guide to food diary etiquette:

  1. Download your food diary now
  2. Print 3 copies and carry with you wherever you go
  3. Be HONEST and record EVERYTHING you eat
  4. A brilliant way to do this is to use your digital camera or mobile phone to take a photo or everything you eat. Print these out at the end of the week. You will be amazed
  5. Remember to include all snacks and times they were eaten
  6. Record all drinks such as, tea/coffee/water/juice/beer etc.
  7. Don't alter your eating habits to make the diary look better - you'll only be cheating yourself
  8. Ideally once complete, show it to a professional, either your GP or a fitness professional or maybe even a nutritionist
  9. Follow the advice given by the professional

Download your food diary now >>

All downloads are provided in 'pdf' format which means you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them, most computers come with this software already installed, if not you can download it for free at Adobe >



hi i need a bit of help. I at university at the moment and i am fine doing fitness and CV but always fest on fatty foods in the evening. i am starting to put on weight as im eating food rather than going out. it is starting to make me feel slugish but i am always urging towards chocolate. what a good stopper for junk?