Weight loss tips

Follow our top ten weight loss tips for weight loss success

Weight loss tips #1

Exercise regularly - at least three times a-week
Research has shown that any amount of exercise will improve your health and fitness.  As one of our ten tips for weight loss, we recommend you enjoy moderate intensity activity for at least 30 minutes, five times a week, or maintain vigourous intensity activities for at least 20 minutes, three times a week or more. Moderate intensity activities could be anything from swimming to going for a brisk walk.  Vigourous intensity activities include riding a bike across hilly terrain, or running.  A good indicator of measuring intensity is the 'talk-test'.  If you can talk normally while engaged in the activity, but working too hard to sing, this is probably moderate intensity.  However, if you are out-of-breath and finding it difficult to talk, you are probably working at a more vigourous intensity.

Weight loss tips #2

Drink plenty of water - at least two litres per day
Drinking plenty of water is the second of our weight loss tips and really important for those trying to lose weight.  All functions within our bodies require the presence of water.  A well hydrated body enables these functions to operate more efficiently.  Incredible as it may seem, water is possibly the most important tip for weight loss.  It naturally suppresses the appetite and will help the body to metabolise fat but raising your metabolic rate by around 3%, which will help you to burn fat.  Read more in our article about the importance of water

Weight loss tips #3

Eat smaller portions - put less carbs on your plate
It's not what you eat, but how much you eat that makes a big difference to our weight loss tips.  Losing weight is not just about paying attention to the calories you consume, but being able to correctly determine a healthy portion size.  This will help you to reduce your weight by not unintentionally overeating.  Start sensibly: eating a couple less potatoes than usual will help.

Weight loss tips #4

Increase your strength: practice more strength exercises
You may be suprised to read that intensive strength training preserves lean body mass whilst helping you to shift fat is an effective tip for losing weight. Those who lift weight and do other strength training exercises such as push-ups and squats may not lose pounds, but they shed fat.  Try adding some strength training exercises into your regular routine.  Check out our Exercise Library for more inspiration.

Weight loss tips #5

Step up to the challenge - take more steps in your day
The experts at the Journal of the American Medical Society recommends we all take 10,000 steps a day, which in a week should burn at least 3500 extra calories.  If you put your mind to it, this one of our most achievable tips to weight loss. Read more in our article about how you can walk off 3500 calories with a pedometer.

Weight loss tips #6

Snack regularly - no, we don't mean a packet of crisps
Eating sensible snacks between smaller meals is a great weight loss tip (as you are now watching your portion size), it will stave off hunger and keep your blood sugar level at a good level.  Studies have shown that eating several small meals a day instead of three large ones is better for you and keeps your weight down by keeping your metabolism at a higher rate.  Read more in our article about a healthy balanced diet.

Weight loss tips #7

Eat breakfast - no excuses!
If all you have for breakfast is a coffee, weight loss tip may allude you.  Some of us think that skipping breakfast will help cut calories, but but mid-morning and lunch we will be inevitably starving.  Eating breakfast will be a successful habit for the 'successful loser'.  Try it.  Just lay off the fry-ups.  Read more in our article on eating a healthy breakfast to lose weight.

Weight loss tips #8

Reduce the bad fats - banish the ready meals
Reducing 'bad' fat by reducing or, cutting out, processed food is a great place to start.  Saturated fats significantly raise bad cholesterol, can contribute to artery blockage and increase the risk of heart disease.  The main culprits are animal products such as meat, whole milk, cheese and eggs.  You can help yourself by opting for skimmed milk and trimming the fat off your meat. Trans fats are found in many packaged and deep fried food.  You'll find them hiding in foods like french fries, crisps, pastries, cookies and biscuits.  So our tip is to start reading labels and avoid these food types as much as possible.  Read more about this tip for weight loss in our article about Fats - Good or Bad.

Weight loss tips #9

Eat fresh and brown - give the tin opener a rest
It may come as no suprise that eating more fresh food is one of our tips for losing weight. Fresh foods such as vegetables and fruit contain high amounts of vitamins and fibre. These vitamins will help your body maintain high levels of energy, whilst the fibre will help your body digest and expel fat easier. Fresh foods tend to be lower in calories, so having these instead of processed foods will help to keep your calorie intake down. This helps your body to burn more calories than you take in, helping your body to reduce fat. White foodstuffs such as sugar, white rice and white bread contribute to those extra pounds. As for rice, all rice starts out brown and only becomes white after an extreme process that takes out all the nutrients. So when it comes to foods that are good for weight loss, brown in better.

Weight loss tips #10

Cut back on the booze - have at least three alcohol-free days a week
The last of our weight loss tips is all about booze. In addition to being 'empty' calories i.e. little nutritional benefit, alcohol can also play havoc with your willpower.  A couple of glasses of wine or pints of beer may have you reaching for the crisps and nuts.  So if you want to cut down on your alcohol consumption, your need to look at your lifestyle.  You may want to give up alcohol for a set time - be it a week, fortnight or a month.  Not only will this help weight loss, it will have benefits for long-term health. Another option could be not to drink in the week.  However, just because you have abstained all week doesn't give you the excuse to binge on the weekend!  Although, perhaps the best place to start is to keep two or three alcohol-free days a week.  You can always improve on your habits from this point. Read more in our article about counting your alcoholic calories.

For more information on each of our weight loss tips, read our guides to healthy weight loss and weight loss success.