Physical fitness tests

Physical fitness tests

We'd all like to be fitter, stronger, have more energy and be ill less often wouldn't we? Well the good news is the more you exercise and the more varied your routine is, the more likely you are to experience these benefits.

But how do you actually measure your fitness so that you can improve it? We have designed a physical fitness test that will assess three different areas - Strength, Endurance and Cardiovascular fitness and give you a final score out of 100.

How fit do I have to be to take your physical fitness tests?

Our test has been designed to suit everybody, you may be comfortable on one of the tests but not on the other two, the majority of people wont be comfortable at all three. So it really is suitable for everyone becuase the overall score will be based across each of the three areas.

Why should I take a physical fitness tests?

  • Stop guessing - Assess your current level of fitness and put an actual figure on it
  • Motivation - having a score to start with can help motivate you to get out there and exercise in order to improve upon that score
  • Progress - tracking your progress will not only help motivate you but also give you a good guide as to how you are progressing - or not!

How do I take your physical fitness tests?

It's simple, once logged in (if you are not a member then ), you need to go to the take a test page and read all the instructions first then take the tests one by one, you should allow a 60 second gap in between each test.

After each test you can make a note of that score or simply enter it straight into the website by choosing the number from a dropdown list.

Once you have completed all 3 tests and entered these three scores into the website you will be given an overall score out of 100 - easy as that.

Getting started

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