Getting started

Let's get you started on achieving your goals, whether they are weight loss, building muscle or simply getting fitter and healthier, here are a few simple steps.

body measurements1. Take your measurements

If your goal is to change your body shape, whether it's losing fat or gaining muscle then you should take some body measurements, DON'T use weighing scales, we recommend taking measurements from your arms, your waist, your chest and your thighs. You should then measure these on a monthly basis.

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food diary2. Start a food diary

Regardless of your goal it's always a good idea to take a look at your dietary intake, most people are surprised when seeing what they really consume in a week.

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physical fitness test3. See how fit you really are

Test your current level of fitness with the iBodz physical fitness test to set your starting point. Then do the test on a monthly basis to see how you are progressing

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programs4. Find an exercise program

Search for a suitable program from our library of exercise programs. Its as simple as choosing your goal and then letting us know which equipment you have access to.

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home exercise equipment5. Think about equipment

If you're going to exercise in the gym then equipment won't be a concern, but if you plan to train at home or outside then its a good idea to get a couple pieces of equipment, although not essential, the more equipment you have access to the more varied you can make your exercise programs.

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weight loss tips6. Read our top tips

Before you get started we recommend you have a read of our top tips for weight loss or muscle buiilding

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Read our top muscle building tips

get motivated7. Get motivated

Motivation, or a lack of, is probably the biggest reason for people giving up on their goals. You can help with this by getting those around you to give you support and praise, maybe start this new regime with a friend in the same situation, you can then help motivate each other. Maybe try writing down your goals and sticking them to a fridge or notice board so that you are constanly reminded that you want to fit into those jeans in 2 months time or you want to increase your arm measurement by 2 inches.

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Facebook8. Join the community

We have a huge member base of like minded individuals with similar goals so we encourage you all to chat amongst yourselves as much as possible. Remember ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’.

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Go for it....

Now you have everything you need to get started, so what are you waiting for...


Healthcare Information

I successfully managed to lose nearly 2 stone in weight over a year I have been on a plateau ever since. I changed my workout earlier this year to Beachbody Insanity training and have been doing that for 5 1/2 months, no change in weight but lost an 1 1/2" from my waist and an inch from my hips. I have now added weight training and bodylastics and increased my calorie intake but nothing. What else can I try, I mean surely I can't stay on a plateau forever?

Great progress

Hi Sophie

It seems to me that you are placing more emphasis on your actual weight than the fat loss itself. Well done on the fantastic progress you have made on losing 1.5 inches from your waist.

From what you have said it sounds like you are doing the right thing in changing your activities too. Im hoping that when you say you have increased your calorie intake that its with good calories. Hopefully you are eating all food groups and not cutting out anything entirely?

It sounds like you are making progress, if you were to take the weight out of the equation are you happy with the progress in every other area and are you feeling more healthy with it?